Twin Lamb Disease

Managing Ketosis in Ewes

Feed Supplement for Perinatal Use in Ewes

When you notice the first signs of twin lamb disease, you need to take fast, effective action if you’re going to save your ewe and her lambs.
An experienced shepherd knows when something’s just not right with one of his ewes – she’s standing away from the flock, or she’s not coming to the cake, or there’s just something about her demeanour that tells you she’s not well. Blindness and sweet breath are sure signs of ketosis, or acetonaemia, – she doesn’t respond when you wave your hand over her eye, and the excess ketones in her blood give the breath the characteristic sweet smell.
Growvite Multi-Birth is intended to reduce the risk of ketosis (acetonaemia) in ewes. We recommend you give it during the last 6 weeks before and the first 3 weeks after lambing. Drench with 45 ml at the first signs of sickness, then again after 4 hours. If the symptoms persist, repeat after 24 hours. For more information please visit our contact us page and fill out your details for a call back
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